4 Common Malware Symptoms

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The internet has become quite an incredible place; and it is so popular that is also now a very dangerous place. Indeed, the threats you could face while surfing the web are seemingly countless!  And even if you have a really good web security service, you never know how effective threat engineers may be at developing new attacks!  They can even launch GPS navigation malware, security camera malware, or malware that infects other devices in your smart home.

What you can do? You need to make sure that you are always running quality security systems like Hikvision security systems.

Now let us look for some of these signs of computer malware:

Malware Symptom #1:  INCREASED WEB TRAFFIC

Let’s say that you have not connected to the internet and you have not opted to download anything or upload any data through a web-connected program, but your disk use still shows high network activity. If this is the case, your computer may have malware that is trying to run programs or steal your data while you are not looking in. There is also a chance that Windows may be trying to update or that another app is running in the background. But if that is not the case, you should definitely consider that malware is the problem.

Malware Symptom #2:  BROWSER HOMEPAGE

Another sure way to know that you have malware is that your web browser of choice suddenly has a new home page that you definitely did not assign. It is often pretty clear that the homepage has changed so this sign is often very obvious.

Malware Symptom #3: NEW SEARCH BOX

One malware sign that is less obvious is not that your browser home page has changed, but that the search box in the browser is just a little different: just different enough to notice if you look closely.  This search box will redirect you to a different web page (for whatever reason the threat actor wants) instead of the search engine that you wanted. This is also similar to finding unusual or unfamiliar icons on your desktop.

Malware Symptom #4:  CONTROL PANEL DENIAL

Since the control panel is the most convenient way to access your computer’s settings, some types of malware will, essentially, disable your ability to access the control panel. So, basically, if you can’t access the control panel, there is a very good chance that malware is the reason.