Promoting Your Website In Budget? Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes!

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You may not have huge resources for your online marketing campaign, but SEO is still very effective in getting organic results. In this post, we take a look a few mistakes that website owners should avoid while doing promotions in a budget.

  1. Don’t go for the cheapest service. Always choose a SEO agency Singapore that you can rely on and not because someone is offering an insane discount. You have to make sure that the service is a known one and has worked on project of the same scale as yours.
  2. Don’t focus too much on keywords. While online marketing is all about keywords, the approach has changed considerably in the last few years. Keyword optimization shouldn’t be overdone at any point.
  3. Don’t create generic content. You don’t want to create content that doesn’t hold any value to the readers. Consider your audience and make sure that the content is unique, fresh and doesn’t seem repetitive.
  4. Don’t go for extensive backlinking. Backlinking is important for sure, but you don’t need hundreds of links. The idea is to use authority sites and earn the links, not purchase them. Quality matters more than number.
  5. Don’t miss checking the performance. SEO can take time, but checking the performance of your website once in a month is critical to evaluate the work of the SEO agency you have hired for the job.

Keep up with SEO, and at the right time, include social media and PPC in the mix for the best results.